Mickie Baby

Mickie Baby” is a 22 year old singer / songwriter, musician, actress, model and rapper. She hails from Akron Ohio and has already toured many parts of the USA performing her unique style of hip-hop, r&b and pop music.
She taught herself how to play both ukulele and piano.
She was discovered through a non-profit program for talented inner city youth called Starsworldwide which was operating in the Lebron James Boys and Girls Club in Akron Ohio.
She began singing at a very early age along with her mother, in the church while living in the Philippines.
Mickie begins every morning running 2 miles then singing everything from Disney movie themes to Ariana Grande and then rapping cover songs by Cardi B. and the like. etc. She released an r&b single “No Good” in late 2019 which already has more than 1 million plays.

She is currently working on choreography for the video for her new single “Do It Different”.
https://soundcloud.com/starsworldwide/do-it-different by Mickie Baby

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Chris Powell

musician / producer
S.T.A.R.S. was created by musician / producer Chris Powell. Some of the artists he has worked with include Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Destiny’s Child (Beyonce), Troop, Teen Dream and Paula Abdul. Powell has more than 30 years of music experience and was and artist and producer signed with Motown Records.

S.T.A.R.S. has locations in the USA and also INTERNATIONALLY.

For the past 4 years S.T.A.R.S. has had locations in Cincinnati, Columbus and more recently in the LeBron James Boys and Girls Club in Akron.

The program also has participants in South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, England, and Australia.

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