What’s New In 2021

STARSWORLDWIDE began its collaboration with the School Tour in late 2019 but, was unable to get off to a start in 2020 because, of the CoVid19. We are hoping to begin our tour in the fall of 2021. :
The School Tour is a year-round program that supports and conveys key messages such as Stay in School, Strive for Academic Success, No-bullying, Positive Self-Image and Healthy Living.
“ Our goal this year is to expand our The School Tour program to serve more interested communities; Continue to provide music as an interactive way to communicate, join together and positively impact school age children, all while providing them insights into the Entertainment Industry.”  Chris Roker VP The School Tour. www.TheSchoolTour.com

Chris Roker

We had a swinging 2020 we released the song and video for Mickie Baby’s “No Good” and it received more than 1 million plays on Soundcloud, we received honor and praises for our video tribute to Ohio: “Ohio You’re Beautiful”, and singer Ashley Marina from Pittsburgh won the hearts of America with her original song dedicated to her father on America’s Got Talent.

We did this in the mist of racial unrest, gender discrimination, political turmoil and the devastation of Corona Virus..

It’s 2021! Time to “Do It Different” .. At STARSWORLDWIDE we respect your right to be different. You can “BE YOURSELF!” We love all of the colors in the rainbow.
March 5, we released the music video “DO IT DIFFERENT” by Mickie Baby. She just finished a interview with Carisha the Diva and her video is getting rave reviews. Temani is finishing his music video for “Girls Like To Party” and the video will be released early April. He has projects with both Mickie Baby and Murphy as well as with artists outside the USA. Murphy has been extremely busy. She is finishing her EP. One of the songs “Me Myself and I” features Philly Kennedy from Snoop Dog’s “Dog Pound”. She has been working with several prominent Dj’s in Europe and has several imminent releases. And she has just written the upcoming single for Seth James called “Dear Future”.. To top things off next week we have 2 STARS artists from Columbus Ohio, Deshawn Goncalves and Trizdin Grubbs competing against each other on American Idol.

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